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July 25, 2018
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           Free Working Real Active Credit Card Numbers 2018 – (Valid Credit Card Numbers That Work with cvv cvv2)

The credit card numbers issued by different financial services and various banks around the world. If you are attempting to use free credit card numbers correctly, you have to know why each financial institution that issued credit card is different from one another.

The Luhn algorithm or Luhn formula, also known as the “modulus 10” or “mod 10” algorithm, is a simple checksum formula used to generate and validate a variety of random credit card numbers.

Free Working Real Active Credit Card Numbers 2018

  • Free Visa Credit Card

Visa is a multinational financial service based in America. It does not issue any cards, but it provides money operations throughout the world. Basically, Visa only gives payment networks between banks and merchants for purchases using cards. Visa is accepted worldwide. Since it offers benefits to bank and cardholder, either Visa or MasterCard usage is not considered to be important. Visa credit card number is slightly different than MasterCard, but it has the same digit number. If you are planning to use visa’s free credit card numbers, keep an eye out for either the standard number or the 13 number


  • MasterCard

MasterCard is the same as  Visa. It is globally accepted as a payment network system that can give many benefits for the holders. Both Visa and MasterCard do not share many differences. With each type of cards, they offer different exclusive package: visa with the basic, signature and infinite, while MasterCard with the basic, world, and world elite package. Free credit card numbers run for MasterCard issuing network can work the same as Visa. The most notable difference is on the issued number on the card.


  • American Express


Visa and MasterCard system have multiple organizations that are under their protection. Moreover, American Express issues its own cards and authorizes purchases as well connecting the network for consumers and merchants. American Express has higher charges for merchants and has ‘smaller’ reach worldwide.

Free credit card numbers can be generated for American Express although not many webs provide a good credit card number for American Express. Well, the numbers for Amex have different standard.

Those three types of credit card are the most common type that most people can find and use for online usage, although there are many more credit cards issued by different issuing network such as Discover, JCB, Voyager, etc.

Free valid credit cards 2018:

  1. Visa
  2. Mastercard
  3. Discover
  4. American Express

Example active credit cards:

# Credit Card holder :

# Credit Card number :

# Credit Card Expiration :

# CVV/CVV2 :


# FullName :

# Address :

# Zip/Post :

# Country :

# Phone :

# SSN :

# DOB :

Example Fake Credit Card Numbers With CVV 2018

  • Visa Credit Cards
  • Card Type:Visa

Card Number: 4919176150014298 

CVV CVV2:  001


Name: Amanda LaPoint

  • Card Type:Visa

Card Number:4060951900042121

CVV CVV2: 999

Expires:10 /2022

Name: Ryan Kowaleski

  • Card Type:Visa

Credit Card Numbers : 4240180011896794

CVV CVV2 :670


Name: Samantha Krepe

  • Credit Card type  Visa  

Credit Card Number:4929304782357844

CVV CVV2: 590


Name: Martin Shelby

  • Card Type:Visa

Card Number: 4677623791230

CVV CVV2: 543

Expires: 12/2019

Name: Dianna sasha

  • Credit card Type:Visa

Credit Card Number: 4556998823441734



Name:Mike Hugo

  •  MasterCard
  • Card Type:MasterCard

Card Number:5508061008549261  

CVV2: 456


Name: Myriam Glover

  • Card Type:MasterCard

Card Number:5352982736647746



Name:Eleanor green

  • Card Type:MasterCard

Card Number: 5508061010526125

CVV2: 320


Name: Brian wyke

  • Card Type:MasterCard

Card Number: 5352989269758220

CVV2: 788


Name:Len Khan

Rich People Credit Card Numbers With Money Already on Them 2018

Visa Credit Card Numbers

4571328323952925 | 2022 | 01 | 011

4571328323944740 | 2021 | 02 | 761

4921816880982936 | 2020 | 09 | 201

4921826576020073 | 2020 | 04 | 388

Mastercard Credit Card Numbers

| 5226600234877904 | 2020 | 03 | 629 |

| 5226600366903684 | 2020 | 03 | 727

5226600374008880 | 2020 | 10 | 004

5545012348303989 | 2018 | 12 | 297

Discover Credit Card Numbers

6011004832798736   07/21   917

6011009160327503 04/22 224

6011008939529167   12/21   573

6011003470859164 08/20 578 

6011003667841447 10/20 794

American Express Credit Card Numbers

370780934451005 09/19 3916

370780934451005 09/19 3916

370780934451005 09/19 3916

370780934451005 09/19 3916


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Credit Card Numbers Generated From This Website. Do Not Work Like An Actual Credit Card These Cards Are Simply For Data Testing And Or Verification Purposes They Do Not Have An Actual Real World Value. The Result Are Solely For Testing And Educational Purpose Only. Use At Your Own Risk!





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